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Eli Barnes Cover Photo, Sabrina Ault An Epithet of My Decaying Mind, Sam White Coroner's Service, Max Tandy What Once Was, Alyssa Dabrowski Untitled, Carly Hodgkins Heaven Is Bleeding Angels Are Cursing, Anna Brand Sculptures, Alira Cohen Just Smile More, Nat DiStefano Shedding, Tyler Thompson Album Cover for 'Your Name' by Wendi Mancaku, Gawain Mosher Quick Facts II, Gawain Mosher untitled, Esmee Johns Untitled No. 5, Kay Mancino shrouded in someone dark, Hannah South Watching Series, Tyler Thompson Ruby Liu, Aliya Bashir Entries, Frankie Vaughan Potraits of Adrián Sánchez, Alira Cohen Blue Daze, Barbara Kay Never Eat Soggy Waffles, Grace Castle The Disquieted Gut, Anne Arocho Cat Treats, Jamie Colwell Way Over Yonder, Jamie Colwell Beach Haze, Olivia Previti When One Door Open, Kay Mancino Heredity, Medha Chandwani Along The Way, Devon Dagostino Sacred Sight, Hannah South To Be Yours, Devon Dagostino Forever You, Ben Lipkin Metro, Alyssa Dabrowski Untitled Photograph, Ben Lipkin I Keep Thinking About MFA Programs, Hormones, & How Shit's All Fucked Up and Shit, Aliya Bashir Lyrics to FOOLED ONCE by V., Eli Barnes Untitled, Kirry Kaufer The First Snowfall After Thanksgiving, Kirry Kaufer The Song of Bluebeard, Elizabeth Baldino Home, Alyssa Dabrowski Untitled Photograph, Sam White The Anarchist, Olivia Previti Untitled, MJ Lee The Ocean's Door, Jackson Sorice The Chase and The Curse, Dixie O'Connell Art School Crush, Devon Dagostino Hot Tea, Hotaro Ryuko Untitled, Kaelin Martin Punish Yourself, There's Beauty in a Timely Ending, Mariyah Harvey From Me to You: Years Later. 

Editor-In-Chief: Barbara Kay

Layout Editor: Aliya Bashir 

Managing Editor: Grace Castle

Once again, thank you to all who submitted. This magazine was an incredible labor of love and we are all honored you have trusted us with showcasing your work. You have inspired and moved the three of us deeply. We can't wait to see what you do next. - The Sub Mag Team

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