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Letter from the Editor #75

Dear Readers,

We have missed you dearly here at Sub Mag—welcome back! I am so excited to share Issue #75 with you all, it is such a great one. Thank you to everyone for warmly and graciously welcoming me as your newest Editor-in-Chief this year, it is truly an experience I have dreamed of for so long. Even though this is my last year at Purchase, I hope to bring you the best from us at Sub Mag. It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to work on Sub Mag thus far.

This issue is filled with so much beautiful writing and art from your peers, and I have loved every bit of the process of getting to review the pieces that come in for submissions. I always knew going to an art school would be interesting— to say the least— but I am always blown away and amazed by the amount of great talent I am surrounded by each day here at Purchase. I love that we at Sub Mag get to take some of that talent, and are able to put it together into a fun little book for you all to take home, and hopefully cherish. I hope Sub Mag reminds you of the things you might love most about your experience at Purchase. Art, in all its forms, is what drives our community, and to be able to spotlight it is a wonderful thing. Thank you for trusting us in showcasing your work.

While we are still in the midst of a pandemic, it is reassuring to see how that doesn’t stop us, or the creations that we make. We are constantly readjusting to life, and I know that can sometimes get in the way of the artistic or writing process, because everyone is different in the way that they cope or readjust. Maybe art is your way of coping, or maybe you are struggling to adjust, like me, and feel like that is affecting your artistic process. It’s all really difficult and weird and strange, but from what I’ve learned from all of this is to just try and take it day by day. Through it all, I hope that you feel that this magazine is your place to express whatever you are feeling, we’re here for you. Remember, Sub Mag loves you.

I really hope you love Issue #75 as much as I do. Keep submitting!!

Much love,

Mary Binninger

Your Editor-in-Chief

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