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Letter from the Editor: Spring 2021

From Channa Goldman


Dear Readers,

Welcome back to Sub Mag—we missed you. We are very excited to be back in print, and to introduce you to Issue #73. I’d like to also announce the newest addition to our Sub Mag team, Maggie Giles, who will be our Layout Editor this semester, and has invested many long and hard hours of love and labor into curating this issue. Maggie has brought all the glory, grace, & guts to the table that makes Sub Mag the wonderful thing that it is. We are thrilled to have her on board with us, and I think once you’ve looked through the issue, her work, and the work of our all contributors really speaks for itself.

This is my third semester as your Editor-in-Chief, and my very last semester here at Purchase College. Both have been immense privileges that hold a special place inside my head and my heart. The multifaceted talent that emerges in every corner occupied by Purchase students never ceases to amaze me—it has from the first time I set foot on this campus, and it remains a driving force of joy and inspiration for me along my own artistic endeavors every day. Many of our contributors are folks I have been watching work since freshman year, and I have seen them bud into more realized, confident, and developed artists as time has gone on. Our hope is to capture that process of artistic revelation and expansion to the best of our ability, across all majors and mediums. We are so proud of each and every person who has trusted our magazine to be a platform worthy of uplifting their work and their voices—it really is an honor to have you with us in print, and to take your work with me as I finish up my time here at Purchase.

We have all gone through a lot over the past year. Adapting to the challenges life has throttled us with is an ever-exhausting process that everyone deals with differently, at their own time and at their own pace. A global pandemic, a government that neglects and persecutes time and time again, and our own interpersonal struggles that we deal with daily are heavy burdens to carry. We hope that Sub Mag can offer you a safe and challenging place to reflect upon whatever it is that drives you as a creative—and that our magazine can be a platform that uplifts student voices in their many ways of speaking, questioning, and demanding. We see you as vital, crucial, and important. We thank you for sharing everything with us that you have, and that you will continue too in the many years of Sub Mag that are to come.

And of course on a personal level, thank you for everything you have taught me. It has been more than amazing to oversee so much talent during my time with you, and I have nothing but love and high hopes for the future of Sub Mag, and the future of what Purchase students are capable of. You make me proud, and I know you will continue too.

With All Love,

Channa Goldman

Your Editor-in-Chief

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