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Adapting to the challenges life has throttled us with is an ever-exhausting process that everyone deals with differently, at their own time and at their own pace. A global pandemic, a government that neglects and persecutes time and time again, and our own interpersonal struggles that we deal with daily are heavy burdens to carry. We hope that Sub Mag can offer you a safe and challenging place to reflect upon whatever it is that drives you as a creative—and that our magazine can be a platform that uplifts student voices in their many ways of speaking, questioning, and demanding. We see you as vital, crucial, and important. We thank you for sharing everything with us that you have, and that you will continue too in the many years of Sub Mag that are to come.

Issue #73 is available in print! Email us at to pick up your copy at our Purchase office.

Michael Schmitt, 50 Hudson Yards, Look At The Way, Abby Burris, Tatiyana, You - In The Living Room, Preston Powell, Jade, Bay, Glenn Federico, I Wanna Go Bang!Ben Lipkin, Data, dasein.mp4, CYCLEONE, Lauren Improte, Untitled, Virginia Landscape, Antigoni Soumakis, Love Our Earth, Open Your Mind, Sage Finkle, Tomato Juice, Betty Brook RoadJordan Ford-Soloman, Jealous, The Third Month, Jakob Loren, Prelude To The Last Meal, William Ramirez, April 10, It Falls Over UsMy Father’s Hands, Amy Middleton, 6 Months of Redacted History, Penny Rosario, Young Lords, Practice, Orpheus Acosta, Poder, 2018, Hope, 2020Ashley, 2020, Winnie Richards, Resurrection, NorthTerryl Montgomery, Untitled, Melissa Efrus, Y-Shaped Stick, Yarn Balloon, Cmon SprimkleSebastian Bass, Jade, IB, Marc, Shannon DeNatalie, That’s How I See It, Dancing With Someone You Love, Like Really, Really Love, Avery Looney, Mom’s FavoriteBailey Hummel, Postcard, Collage Pochoir, Blake Soule, Rhys At Green River, Mathilda CullenIlyric Elegies, Alyssa MonteUntitled, UntitledJoseph Song, Untitled, UntitledDaniel Aguilar, I Am Simple Not There., Alyssa Karnatz, Drowning, Simone Eve Sanchez, Facewash, Rinse.

Editor-In-Chief: Channa Goldman

Layout Editor: Maggie Giles

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