Submissions Magazine is Purchase College's student run magazine, showcasing the artistic and literary talent our school has to offer. All Purchase students are eligible to submit work for the chance to be featured in our print or digital issues!



We are constantly readjusting to life, and I know that can sometimes get in the way of the artistic or writing process, because everyone is different in the way that they cope or readjust. Maybe art is your way of coping, or maybe you are struggling to adjust, like me, and feel like that is affecting your artistic process. It’s all really difficult and weird and strange, but from what I’ve learned from all of this is to just try and take it day by day. Through it all, I hope that you feel that this magazine is your place to express whatever you are feeling, we’re here for you. 

Editor-In-Chief Mary Binninger



We are proud to announce our first digital issue! This collection from Spring 2021 comprises of some of Purchase College's best. We look forward to welcoming new mediums on this platform to complement the fine art, poetry, and prose we have seen thus far in our years running Submissions Magazine. Cheers to the first of many!


"Welcome back to Sub Mag—we missed you. We are very excited to be back in print, and to introduce you to Issue #73...We hope that Sub Mag can offer you a safe and challenging place to reflect upon whatever it is that drives you as a creative—and that our magazine can be a platform that uplifts student voices in their many ways of speaking, questioning, and demanding. We see you as vital, crucial, and important. We thank you for sharing everything with us that you have, and that you will continue too in the many years of Sub Mag that are to come." Editor-In-Chief Channa Goldman